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Murray Dordins


Welcome to our Family of Birds.

We, The Murray Bros started this fantastic sport in 1975 and for the next 2 years we 

picked and mixed all types of families of pigeons until in 1977 one of my brothers, Ashley, introduced us to

'The Dordins'.


This is where our fantastic family of Murray Dordins started

with our first purchase of our dordins from the legendary

Jim Biss Of Norwich.


From there on we continued to add and collect other lines of Dordin's from renowned pigeon fanciers.

JJ Sproul,Fernside stud  Pierre Doneyelle, Paul Smith, George Ince, Mick Bray, Jd Follows

We then in late 90,s We  travelled to ken Sluman in Bideford and purchased all his remaining 

Dordins at his Stevenstone Stud


You could say we  (probably have  the best remaining Dordins on the planet)

In  2005, we attended the late Jim Biss sale and purchased some of the best lines at a very expensive cost

We then carefully selected The Biss family pairs to run back into our own family.


In 2007, my mentor, my best friend and also my brother Ashley passed away.

I then stopped racing and selling our family 

This year, 2019, I have decided to go back racing my fantastic family of


Lofts Of Murray bros
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